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Wellness Check by

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I built this simple app that staff could fill out and ask questions about their current health status, potential exposures to positive cases, any travel within a pre-defined area, as well as asking if they are feeling any of the symptoms listed. It can be used in a variety of different ways; for staff to report to management and help with contact tracing (if need be), or for you to run through with your customers before spending an extended period of time inside your business. (ie. hairdresser/barber shop). For the staff wellness check, the app will email the manager with their survey, as well as email the staff with either a POSITIVE email (proceed to work), or a NEGATIVE email (do not come in to work). For the customer wellness check, it will either display a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE result on the screen once the survey is completed. ** This app can be customized and modified to fit any type of business. **

Contact Tracker by

This is another app that I developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This one is specifically built for restaurants, bars, and any other businesses that require tracking of eat-in dining room guests, or having guests stay in their business for an extended period of time. As opposed to using pen and paper tracking (which isn’t very sanitary, and is a paperwork nightmare), you can either have the app being used by staff to gather the information, or have customers scan a QR code that links them to a landing page where they can provide a name and phone number. Once they receive confirmation (which is immediately), it instructs them to keep the window open on their phone to show their server before ordering. **This app can be customized and modified to fit any type of business. **